earth & water is a vegan, sustainable & all natural skincare company. we believe that everything is nutrition, including the products you use on your skin. if you can't eat it, then why would you feed it to your skin? all of our products contain ingredients found in the kitchen to keep your skin and body as healthy as possible.



Gina Benson

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gina is an ayurvedic practitioner, holistic nutritionist, and yoga instructor who specializes in women's health. gina developed earth&water as a healthy alternative skincare line to bring more awareness to human sustenance. nutrition isn't only about what we eat. nutrition is about everything we digest. everything we perceive is digested by our bodies in one form or another. what we put on our skin is a form of nutrition. we want to provide our skin with nourishment and avoid products that do the opposite. many cleaning products, makeup, and skincare companies use synthetic chemicals that not only damage our top few layers of skin but seep into our bloodstream wreaking havoc on our endocrine system. our endocrine system is responsible for producing and secreting hormones that control our bodily functions accordingly. when chemicals like xenoestrogrens, an endocrine disruptor commonly found in over-the-counter skincare products, enter the body, our health becomes threatened. studies say these disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. parabens, sulfates and benzophenone are some of the most common xenoestrogens found in skincare products. gina observed the health related problems she and her clients were facing and linked most of the problems to our environment. though, we may not be able to control what other people choose to pollute the planet and their bodies with, we can control our own choices. if we have the choice to put clean food on our plate, why wouldn't we make the choice to put clean skincare products on our bodies? gina believes that if you won't eat it, you shouldn't feed it to your skin. this idea birthed earth&water because nothing is more nourishing than mother nature. gina currently resides in NYC where she spends her time teaching yoga, consulting clients on nutrition and lifestyle, and creating health and beauty skincare products for you.



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